DinaFit complimentary grey carry on yoga mat bag. Branded logo with a sunny park background. Reminding you to always stay in style when headed to the studio in your car

Yoga Bags

Take your practice anywhere with you, with our yoga bags designed to hold your mats.

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NEW YOGA BRAND IN TOWN ~ we have all the essential features you need... and more!

We want to honour you; great yogis, athletes, fitness lovers, health and wellness gurus, anyone who wants to join us, we want to build a community together, with you. That’s why we thrive to provide the best grip and designs on the market, while maintaining sustainability and planet-friendly products.

DinaFit yoga mats are all eco-friendly and sustainably made. They are made with recycled, eco-friendly and biodegradable natural rubber material. We created DinaFit mats to have innovative designs and exceptional features for all users to enjoy. At the moment, we have one mat size (185cm long and 68cm wide) for all users, having ample space to practice all your favourite poses. 2 different thickness sizes, 4MM & 5MM, to provide your joints with extra cushion as well if needed. DinaFit mats offer more space, thickness and durability than your average yoga mat. Feel free and find your balance as you flow on your mat. With superior grip, extra support, and sustainable material, you won’t need to worry about replacing your mat anytime soon. DinaFit’s mats will hold for several years as long as they are taken care of properly. Please refer to the product care page on how to care for your mat!

Our yoga brand inspires us to go beyond our limits and we hope it inspires you too. We believe there is no limit to how successful you can be on your health journey. We believe in you and we want to inspire you to go beyond your limits too.