About Us

Inspiring Individuals All over the World to Prioritize their Health and Gain the Feeling of Freedom.

We are a family business, ultimately trying to spread the concept of gaining freedom by securing and focusing on your health, we hope we can spread the value of yoga, health and freedom together.

While practicing yoga everyday, we found a passion in the peace and simplicity of the art in yoga. As we continue to grow as a small business, we are committed to providing the best products with the best service to all. Our mission is to honour YOU; yogis, athletes, fitness lovers, health and wellness lovers, (& anyone who wants to join our community.) Oh also - you have to love fun and vibrant colours! Our inspiration is based on cosmic, celestial designs. We want you to feel inspired and empowered whenever you step on your mat. Having all the essential features needed to practice, while also having something special to gaze at to lift your spirits. We hope you pick DinaFit for your practice. 

With our brand DinaFit and our will to make a change, we hope to spread the value of freedom, yoga, health, and wellness in our community.

Creating the best designed products to inspire all yogis and fitness lovers to continue their health journey, we are a Canadian born company, founded in Vancouver, BC 2021. Our journey has just begun, we thank you for embracing us. 

Feel Inspired, Connected, and Empowered with DinaFit Yoga Mats.