Product Care

  • Use a damp cloth with diluted detergent water to wipe the mat clean. Please be gentle and do not add too much pressure onto the surface as this can lead to fading of the design quickly.
  • Make sure you lay your mat flat with the design side facing up and outside of direct sunlight. Allowing your mat to completely dry before your next use is highly recommended.
  • Please avoid harsh chemicals on the mat, only use diluted detergent water.
  • Caution yourself when using rings and further abrasives as this can lead to scratches and damage on the mat surface.
  • It’s highly recommended to wipe your mat clean after every use with a damp cloth and water, you can do a deep clean with diluted detergent whenever you see fit. If you take good care of your mat, it’s likely to last you 5+ years in high quality.