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  • Thicker and luxurious- Gerald M

    The quality on the mats are amazing. Especially when stretching and exercising. The cushion makes it easy on knees and elbow joints on hard floors. The visual printings are neat too!

  • Larger and wider non-slip grip- Michele

    The northen dreans is awsome and it's very comfortable. I'm not sliding around because it's very grippy too! Overall love it

  • We love the bag!- Tatiana

    This Mat is truly awesome! So comfy without being too heavy to transport around a lot.

  • Recommended by yoga teachers everywhere

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Yoga Bags for you

You never have to worry about where to put your phones and other electronics during your practice or while working out. Our bags have a special 15 inch Pocket

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Health and Freedom

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Why Dinafit?

Honoring great yogis and fitness lovers

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#1 Yoga mat brand in North America

Aesthtically appealing cosmic yoga mats

  • Eco-Friendly

    Our yoga mats are made of natural rubber, making us one of the most eco-friendly yoga brands in the world

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  • Yoga girl with a butterfly pose on a yoga cube on Dinafit's 2 moons Yoga Mat. With a view of the lake

    Transform your flow

    We are commited to going above and beyond with our mission. That is why are passionate about providing you with yoga mats that makes you feel empowered.

  • A man laying on the frozen galaxy yoga mat smiling on his Dinafit Yoga Mat

    Take your practice to the next level

    Take your workout and stretches anywhere you go with the best yoga mat bags

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  • Lady doing a pose on her non-slip DinaFit yoga mat with optimal grip

    Non-slip grip

    Dinafit's yoga mat grip is unrivaled. With our innovative desgins

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